Thursday, April 8, 2010

Everyone in the room! Listen!

I felt like I needed to post something a little more uplifting than my last, even if it's only for myself :-)

I got a cool burst of insight in class today. The teacher gave a correction to someone named, say, Sean, in Cobra. "Bring your elbows back more, Sean, elbows more back." Then, I heard her say, "Why you looking at me, Jorge? Look at yourself and just listen to the correction. If I correct Sean, you do the correction to. Everyone in the room, listen and incorporate the correction."

For some reason, that instruction made me really happy. Even if my elbows are already back in the pose, it doesn't hurt to bring awareness there and possibly reach a new level of deepness in my own pose. The instruction reminded me that we're all connected in the practice. We do the same poses, as much in unison as possible, and in that sense we are one. Kinda sorta like we are in life :-)

On another note, I'm so excited and proud that my studio is hosting a posture clinic with Esak Garcia next month! I'm definitely planning to attend. I've recently been wishing a studio in the area would offer a posture clinic--I'm ready to work out some of the kinks and misalignments I'm sure I've accumulated as I've settled into the practice.  


cirita said...

Where and when is the posture clinic? I want to go!!

Yolk E said...

Cirita, you totally should! Can you email me at to talk more? I don't see an email option on your site or I would just email you.

ariella said...

First clinic (ever) last year was with Esak and it totally changed my life by which I mean my triangle - got down for the first time ever. He's awesome, his wife is awesome - beautiful people and practices. I have a print from that visit in my yoga closet at home. The funniest thing was that as he settled into posture clinic mode, at least at our event, he kind of started talking like Bikram - calling all the girls sweetheart (in a non-mean way) and the guys "boss" and talking without pronouns and extra words. He's great. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Sounds amazing!@

lz said...

Your teacher's line is GREAT. Most individual corrections apply to everyone in the room in some way - because we all benefit from listening carefully and seeing if we can incorporate a correction further. More awareness is good :)
And yay for posture clinic! That's so exciting. I attended a Craig Villani clinic in '08 and it was really helpful. The clinics offer so much insight and you will definitely enjoy it!