Thursday, November 4, 2010

Of Mites and Men

So, I've been counting my blessings this week. First, my yoga practice got a much-needed kick. I went to another studio this week to take a class with my former teacher, and I had a wonderful class. Halfway through it, though, I noticed someone peeking his head in the back door: it was Bikram himself! No one else seemed to notice, and I spent the rest of class going, "Uhh, was I hallucinating that?" But he was there, and I got to wave to him after class. This time, he wasn't screaming at anyone on his cell phone :-) 

After that exhilarating class and talk with my former teacher, I had a great early class yesterday with a marvellous teacher visiting during training. I really connect with her, both as a student and a person, and I'm glad she's gonna teach us a little while longer. And then, God willing and the creek don't rise, I'm going to training tomorrow. My practice just feels... revitalized! And just in the nick of time.

Also, I got through a big work hurdle this week. I can't go into details, but one big stressor has been removed, and for that I'm taking the time to feel thankful.

Well, I'm trying to feel thankful, anyway. I keep getting distracted by these little crawly bugs that have begun emerging with this heat wave.

Yep. I've got a termite problem. One day, I noticed a bunch of slow-moving bugs on my stairway. Thinking they were some kind of weird moth, I vacuumed 'em up. Of course, more showed up, and then it became a full-blown swarm. I've never seen ANYTHING like it. It's like something out of a Stephen King novel. I was truly horrified that first day. I kept vacuuming and calling pest control people, completely freaked out of my mind, scratching my skin and envisioning myself being eaten alive.

They're still dribbling out. I'm still vacuuming up. I'm still processing the bad news, but at least my incessant scratching has stopped ;-) If I want to actually deal with what is a truly widespread, serious problem, I'm gonna have to tent the place. There's just one small problem with that: I live in a 6-unit set of condos, and there's no way I'm gonna be able to convince every one of those people to spend a lot of money to move out for a few days.

So, the question is this. Can we learn to be at peace with the fact that there is something endemic, some systemic pestilence in the foundation and roof of our homes? What if we can't just "get it out"?

Maybe this is where the real work begins. Maybe I'll have to find ways to stop scratching my skin and head out of horror, maybe I'll have to put down the vacuum. Maybe I can learn to accept the bugs. Or at least find a quick fix...

One thing's for sure. Going to the hot room will seem a lot more pleasant after this!


ellelove7 said...

OMG E! I don't know how you are considering being at peace with the bugs. LOL! ;)

Yolk E said...

I dunno, Elle. It's probably all about the quick fix at this point! :-)

Martina said...

We’ve got them too, in the backyard house. John says they’re harmless and just eat wood but every time I go in there it makes my skin crawl. He says there is an injectable treatment, next time you see him ask all your questions, he’s an expert.

By the way I love your post. I’m feeling like the of ‘mites’ and men are like the ‘mice’ in the story. The things that get us into trouble (not furry cute things we love in this case, but it works just the same).

anna said...

I think it's so hilarious that Bikram poked his head in... and I can totally imagine wondering if that really happened lol!!

bikramyogachick said...

omgomgomg I hate bugs! You poor thing!

Anonymous said...

um, that is horrifying. what's the status now?


Yolk E said...

Aw, thanks for caring, y'all. Bugs not swarming as much, but it's disconcerting to know they're still up there. Any fix will be a temporary one unless I tent the building, which isn't gonna happen :-(