Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm stunned. I've been leveled. I've been flattened by a joyful steamroller.

It's spring break in my corner of the world, and it got kicked off on a most lovely note. A gorgeous childhood friend is getting married in a month, and to celebrate, I took a drive up the coast with some girls I've known since elementary school. The gloomy SoCal weather magically dissolved, and we spent the weekend lounging by the pool, picking citrus, and soaking in a hot tub under a luminous moon as we celebrated marriage, babies, and almost 25 years knowing each other. 

So, where's the "stunned" part come in? I'm not quite done processing, but we all came home and, via a chorus of emails and text, agreed that the experience was even more amazing than we'd anticipated.

I think, in part, that these girls have finally grown up. We were never an uber-catty, high-drama bunch, but what little of that there was seemed to completely drop away. It was almost dream-like--it seemed like each of us had learned to make room for the other person in the time that had passed from our last trip together: my lovely friends knew that I would be the first one to sleep, the first one to wake, and to spend a quiet hour to herself doing yoga and basking in the sun before everyone else arose. I could see that this recognition, this knowing,  was felt as deeply by them as it was by me.

I lowered my achy, stiff torso into standing backward bend in my Bikram class this morning and felt so grateful for the warmth, friendship, and this sense of being unbound that we all seemed to experience this past weekend. I bow to it, and I let it go, trusting it will be felt again and again.

Santa Barbara loveliness


Lala said...

that was a nice, pretty post. glad you had a great break (it's about time :p).

i need to go sit in a hot tub outside somewhere...

Kimberly said...

The moonlight called to us. It spoke so softly and inviting. I'm glad we heard it's call and gratefully basked in it's touch. There will never be a time that I forget that lovely and weightless trip. I felt new and some how like a child again. I needed that laughter and tears. It was wonderful.

Martina said...

Elisa! What a perfect post and only you could describe it in a way that my mouth can't manage to spit out these days. Thank you for capturing the magic. I'm printing this out for the wedding scrapbook my dear.

Yolk E said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies :-) Woohoo, the scrapbook! I love it. I fixed a big typo; hope the typo didn't make it into the scrapbook ;-) You should put Kim's comment in there, too!