Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Take it!

Who knew that getting up at 5:35 a.m. could be a good thing?

I've already blogged incessantly about the fact that I'm back to work and away from my cushy mid-week 9:00 yoga classes. Blergh. So, I moaned internally about that fact for a while, and I moaned even more about attending a super-hot p.m. class after a long day of work. I was starting to feel this sense of dread. I knew I wouldn't be able to get myself to evening classes three days a week--not in this Socal heat wave, anyway. I was going nuts! Would I make myself crazy getting myself to yoga, or would I let the practice slip away in the business of life?

Once I resigned myself to it, I found out that the third option--the 6:30 a.m. class--isn't so bad after all. In fact, it's pretty cool. It's small. It's intimate. By the time I wake up, class is over! ;-) In all seriousness, there's been something very special about it. I'm so busy immediately afterward that I'm not all obsessive on how the class went. Also, on the days I've gone to yoga early, I've felt so much better at work and can actually get stuff done. More willing to just... accept the day and what it brings, with less stress. I'm reminded of that Woody Guthrie line: "Take it easy, but take it."

I think we have to take it. I know that if I resist (OMG! Getting up before 6:00! The horror!), I give up stuff that matters: yoga, meditation, values, sanity. 

Alright, y'all. I've been up since 5:30. Time to eat a cookie and go to bed. Isn't that part of "taking it"??

Liz Lemon, my TV alter-ego, eating a pop tart


Lady J said...

Good for you for doing the early morning class! I love them, they are my absolute fave:)

hannahjustbreathe said...

You know what? I freaking LOVE sunrise yoga classes. Seriously. I'd rather practice first thing in the morning than drag myself to a 6 p.m. class after a loooong day at work. The early start is tough, yes, but I find my practice is so much calmer, quieter, deeper, and more interesting in those dawning hours.

Good for you for getting yourself to yoga, no matter the time! :)

Catherine said...

Back in SLC, when I lived 5 minutes from the studio and 15 minutes from work, I learned to love the early-morning class. There was such a sense of stillness, of peace, of dedication. They were amazing in the winter, when the sun rose during class.

That Woody Guthrie quote is my new mantra. :)

Lush said...

Morning classes definitely have different energy than afternoon/evening classes. To me, they're more gentle yet invigorating; perfect for starting the day ahead! Whether I was awake or asleep before the class, at the very least I always feel like I got a very good stretch or warm-up for my body and my mind. Though it helps that I'm usually a morning person, waking up THAT early at 5:35am isn't easy... especially when it's still dark and cold outside. Mad props for you! :) It's worth it! I LOVE early morning hours.

Yolk E said...

Thanks for the feedback...

I am with ya, Lush. I'm a morning person, but getting up earlier than your typical "morning" isn't too fun.

And then, afterward, it's like my head is drained of the extra gunk that makes it hard to concentrate and get shit done. Yay to the morning class crowd! :-)

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered what it would feel like to do a morning class. I work 1-9, and do my class at 9:30 pm.

Also, as I was reading your post I thought of that saying, "what you resist, persists". It's really true! Look at whatever you are resisting in your life and that's the thing that you should let go of the most.

Once you let go, you realize it wasn't so bad after all! (errr....most of the time?) ;-)

Danielle said...

The early morning class is pretty powerful. Good for you to getting your practice in and day started that way! I always found myself to be more energetic, more productive, and less stressed on the days I did my early morning torture. And now I get to be the early morning torturer, and I have a whole new respect for the way the students get plug thru. ANd the best thing about the early class... you are DONE before most people are even awake!

marti21 said...

The 6am class would have me late for work, but I think you convinced me to try it out as a way to sneak in more Bikram on the weekend. I’ve recently been surprised with how fantastic the 8:15PM class is…maybe 6 people, tons of posture correction attention, and I sleep like a baby and wake up with a body full of energy. It’s crazy how just the time of day can make it feel like a totally different experience.

Yolk E said...

Wow! I would love to try the 8:15 class, Martina, although in my experience it wakes me up and I have trouble going to sleep. Isn't it funny how something so draining can be so energizing? And LifeIs, 9:30 p.m.?? That's laaaate.

Thanks for the feedback, y'all!