Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Boars and More

It’s been a year and a half since I blogged. While I make no promises (threats?) to resurrect this tired trash heap and add to it on a regular basis, I feel compelled today, and I really truly would like to get back into the habit of it.

Photos of The Canyon Wren - Cabins for Two, SedonaThe Man-type and I have settled on Sedona as Our Special Place (OSP). Despite the drive, it’s a convenient enough getaway for a three or four night stay. We depart from our tree-lined community and cross seven hours’ worth of desert. The drive sun-bleaches away our routines and stress as we talk and listen to the Man’s ‘80s music or old reruns of Loveline.

 The Canyon Wren grounds,  photo from Tripadvisor

During our first two visits, we stayed in Forest Houses, a series of older cabins located on a gorgeous property north of Sedona in Oak Creek Canyon. Because it was unavailable, we ended up booking a little cabin at the nearby Canyon Wren, a small bed and breakfast that avails itself only to couples or solo travelers. Upon arriving at 7:00 the first night, I walked car-dazed toward the office to check in as the Man unpacked the car. I ambled forward quietly until I was stopped by snorting, chuffing boars.

OK, it was explained to me that the two giant pigs that ran in front of me were not pigs, really, but javelinas. The owners put out dog food each night to deter them from eating the plants.

But just look at the picture. You tell me if that’s a “peccary” or some sort of rabid porcine beast. Indeed, we were later told that they could kill a small child or an elderly person.

I spent the rest of the trip trying to get a photo of the buggers but could capture nothing more than a shadowy figure. The Man-type wouldn’t dare walk around the property after dusk, so I will torture him for years to come with this javelina wall hanging we picked up at a store called "World Famous Art" in a place called Gila Bend.

More on OSP soon.

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Derek (100 Peaks) said...

Welcome back, and stay safe out there.