Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Double Bed

I just read a “Signs You Might Be a Type A personality” article on Facebook (thanks, La) and was reminded of how much I hate sleeping away from home. Or sleeping at all, really. When the Man-type first moved in, I could hardly sleep a wink with him in the same bed. Finally, I gave in and dropped a grand on an enormous king-size. We could both be having a fitful night and the other wouldn’t know a damn thing about it, the bed is so flippin’ huge.

The only drawbacks of the delightful Canyon Wren in Sedona is that they only offer queen sized beds. I figured, what the hell? It’s a romantic getaway, right? I wasn’t that much of a princess, was I?
I swear, the bed was a double. A double! 

Now, I’m an affectionate person by day. I like to hug, kiss, and enjoy intimate moments with my Man-type. But at night? When it's time to sleep? You better get away. GET AWAY. And stay on your side, dammit. 

And how was I going to enjoy these beautiful vistas if I was cranky from a bad night’s sleep?

How would I learn about the Sinaguans and their matriarchal societies and their cliffdwellings and communal living spaces if I only got four or five hours?

How were we going to have a—ahem—romantic getaway in OSP (Our Special Place) if my dude is tired from my tossing and turning all night? 

Fortunately, after we enjoyed an incredible dinner of pork cheeks, steak, and grilled corn at Elote, and after we scared ourselves by watching 28 Days Later, I was lulled to a restful Sedona sleep by the babbling fountain nearby. And I got to enjoy those crazy vistas after all. 

 This is in Boynton Canyon.

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