Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 12: envisioning change

My first post on a mobile device! I'm out of town so I've got to keep this one short. The theme for day 12 is how I envision my teaching changing in the next five years. 

I'm at sort of a crossroads. I've spent a lot of time learning techniques to improve online teaching, and without getting into the nitty-gritty, I will say that despite improvements in engaging with the students and course design I have pretty substantive reservations about the medium. (Resistance from the students to these new techniques being the most surprising.) So, if I continue with purely online, I will just have to keep working to improve retention and create rapport online that is so crucial to a f2f class. 

If I back off and do purely f2f courses I will have to find ways to deal with my mild to moderate social anxiety. Maybe restructure the class time so I am *really* not on stage--a regular blend of of individual , partner, and group work a la On Course/the flipped model with me acting as more of a coach. 

Just some musings from a warm beach house on my belated bachelorette weekend!

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Enjoy your fun in the sun!